Record Your Voice on Social Media

Put your voice on social media in seconds using Reverb Record. There’s no registration required and everything is free. You click record, say your message, title, get a share link, and paste on social media.

Works well with all social media platforms. Great for voice tweets, sharing voice on Facebook, sending voice messages on LinkedIn, and so much more. Available globally.

Sharing voice on social media
Recording voice

Step 1: Record your voice

Go to the Reverb Record website. Click the microphone. Say your message.

Record something funny, something informative, or something bold. Create a unique voice and brand for yourself by saying things others don’t. Record personal messages and share them with handles, and with people’s social media accounts. Send voice to your friends or send your voice to your favorite celebrity. Put your voice on a news feed for everybody to hear.

When you’re done speaking, give your recording a title. Titles are optional but we recommend giving them anyway as they show in the preview for your voice. Titles also make it easier for listeners. You can use titles to be helpful or to surprise listeners.

If you make a typo with your title, don’t worry, you can always create a free account to retitle previous recordings. With the account, you can also go back to recordings you lost the link to, or delete old recordings. There’s new free account features being added all the time.

Once you’ve titled, click “save.”

Step 2: Share your voice on social media

Now that you’ve recorded your voice, given a title, and saved it’s time to share! Click “Link” to copy your recording link.

Your voice recording lives in the cloud so you don’t need to download or host anything yourself. This also means you can share the same recording anywhere with the same link. Ultimate convenience.

When you share your voice on certain social media networks and platforms, it embeds in a player so people can listen right there! In other networks it shows with a preview that people can click on to listen. The title you give is helpful to get people to click the preview and play the recording.

You can share your recording link anywhere.

Sharing a song on Twitter

Done: Your voice plays for users

You’re done! You’ve now shared your voice on social media. If you had fun, make another recording. Anybody can respond to you with a recording of their own so you can start voice conversations on social media.

Popular types of social media

Use with all major social media networks

You can share your voice on all social media networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Forums
  • Messengers – Whatsapp, iMessage, Telegram, WeChat
  • So many more

No registration or verification required

There’s no registration, sign up, or verification required to record. You can record your voice anonymously for social media if you want to. Maintaining privacy is important to many people, so your personal data does not have to be associated with your recordings.

By creating a free account you’re able to go back to old recordings you no longer have the link to, retitle recordings, delete recordings, sort through recordings, and more.

Sign up is not required to record and share voice

Get the Chrome Extension for faster sharing

Get the Reverb Record Google Chrome Extension to share your voice without having to leave a social media platform and go to another page.

The extension gives you a recording dropdown and works just like the Reverb Record website. Click the microphone, record, title, and get share links – all within the dropdown.

Sharing your voice on social media has never been easier. What are you waiting for?