Embed Audio in a Tweet

Use Reverb Record to quickly and easily embed audio in a tweet.

Simply go to the website, record with the microphone, give a title, copy the link, and paste into Twitter. Your audio will embed and anybody can play and listen.

What it looks like when you embed audio in a tweet

The Twitter audio player

Audio embeds into Twitter with a player and viewers of the tweet can play, see the audio waveform, skip around, loop, and respond with audio of their own.

All you have to do to get the audio player is give your recording a title, copy the recording link, and paste the link into a tweet. When you refresh Twitter there will be a beautiful player with your audio.

Free and instant

Recording and embedding is free and instant. There is no fee, and the Twitter player embeds instantly upon refreshing the page.

Recording audio
Share links for your audio recording

Registration is not required

Registration and verification is optional. This means you can record anonymously, if desired.

To manage, sort through, and change the title of recordings, you can create a free account.

Reverb Record is available in all locations that Twitter is!

Record your voice on Twitter

There’s many reasons to record your voice on Twitter. Maybe you want to share your singing to Twitter, but don’t want to have to use a video or use Soundcloud. Maybe you want to share a rant. Maybe you want to respond to a tweet with audio.

Whatever the reason, Reverb Record makes it easy. Just record, and share!

Make your voice go viral

You never know who will hear your audio. Throw on some relevant and trending hashtags, or tweet your voice at influencers.

Listeners may just retweet or copy your recording link and share it around!

Reverb Record is perfect for on the fly audio that you’d like to share with the world.

An audio recording going viral on Twitter

Get the Chrome Extension for easy use

Use the Chrome Extension to never have to leave Twitter.

The extension gives you a microphone drop down that lets you record audio in any page. Once done, you get share links just like you would with the website.

Fast and simple

Embedding audio in a tweet is extremely easy. What are you waiting for?